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Born in Basel in 1966, Peter grew up speaking two languages, German & Italian, in Lucerne, and Ticino - the Italian part of Switzerland - where his parents operated a restaurant and hotel in which he was always involved. Having completed his formal education he became involved in various sales working experiences.

How did Peter land in Cambodia?

About 12 years ago, when he was "free", he decided to explore the world. Having saved enough money, he gave up his job and took a plane to New Zealand, then traveled extensively through the Asia Pacific region for a year, learning about the cultures and customs of several countries en route, until the money ran out. So, having a contact in Cambodia, he flew to Phnom Penh for 3 days. Although he had never been there, he was captivated by what he saw. After returning to Switzerland and working in the hotel industry trade for 8 months, he once more landed in Phnom Penh airport, with two bags in his hands. His first employment was with the EU (European Union), teaching computer basics to Cambodians from the Ministry of Commerce.

When did he start working in the travel industry?

His great interest in the country’s culture and history prompted him to accept a job in the travel industry, hoping to help this country promote its natural resources and ancient beauties…so the right opportunity came when, six months later, he was offered, and accepted a job with an East German in the travel business, providing a more or less steady income. But it was not a long-lived relationship; conflicting views over handling clients led to a breakup after a year and he decided to open his own travel agency, called Lolei Travel, in 1997, with his main office in Phnom Penh. The office was located in a room of his apartment, with an old laptop, a fax machine and an entrepreneur spirit. Lolei Travel, from the beginning was looking to provide not only the existing, popular tours, but to create special itineraries allowing people to see the real Cambodia. With the first brochure in 1998, 10 and 14-day tours through Cambodia became possible as well as classic tours, similar to those offered by his competitors.

This company was one of the first to propose long stay programs. In 1998, Lolei joined forces with agents in Germany and launched its products all over the world, approaching companies and tour operators who shared similar ideas about tour quality and selective marketing.

The Company Today

Today, Lolei Travel enjoys an excellent reputation - especially for effective, reliable ground handling in Cambodia - where customer service is the essential consideration.

Four years ago, Lolei Travel made the strategic decision to move the head-office from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, as the majority of visitors travel primarily to Angkor, and because to be as close as possible to the clients, is integral to Lolei Travel’s approach to providing the best possible services. With this move to Siem Reap, we also decided to open a small boutique hotel, which is located on the same ground as the Lolei Travel office. The name of our small 17 room hotel is “Passaggio Boutique Hotel”, and after 4 years of operating it has gained a very well reputation among the travellers to Siem Reap / Angkor .

How to contact us:
For travel inquierys:
Phone: +855 63 964 732
Fax: ++855 63 760 163
For hotel accommodation:
Phone: +855 63 760 324
Fax: +855 63 760 163

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