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Claudia LangerDear visitors of, welcome. My name is Amadou MAIGA. I am from Mali ( West Africa ). I am the tour Director of TAM VOYAGES, one of the best tour companies in Mali. I am also the chairman of the Malian Association of tour guides. TAM VOYAGES is happy to offer a wide range of tour products: individual, incentive, organized and business tours. With an experienced team of travel advisors and tour guide will lead you to the fascinating sightseeing areas: Timbuktu, the mysterious city at the edge of the desert, the mystic Dogon country, Djenne, the Jewel of the Niger Valley, Mopti, the Venice of Mali. We also organise tours in the neighboring countries: Sengal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mauritania….

TAM VOYAGES is also the leading company in ticketing. Tickets from major airline companies and to all destinations are available.

Please contact me for all your tour projects as well as ticket reservation at the following address:

Phone: ( 00223) 221 92 10; ( 00223) 221 91 17
Fax: ( 00223) 221 05 47
P.O BOX: 932
Square Patrice Lumumba Bamako MALI

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