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Agha Iqrar Haroon
Ecotourism Society Pakistan
5 Haroon Road Saroba Gardens
Ismail Nagar
17 KM Ferozpur Road Lahore

Mobile: ++92-333-5186626

Web site:

Current positions holds

1. President Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP).
2. Private Consultant for Tourism and Ecotourism.
3. Member World Speaker Bureau of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) United States.


The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) USA.
Mountain Forum USA.
European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) Netherlands.
Department of Hospitality of Plattsburgh State University of New York.
Asia Pacific Network for Mountains Development (APNM).
Adventure Travel Society, United States.
Ecotourism Ring Athens, Greece.
International Ecoclub, Athens Greece.
Pro Vita Alpina, Austria.
Rural Development Society (RDS), Austria.
respect--Centre for Tourism and Development, Austria.
Mountains Organisation of Pakistan (MOP), Pakistan.

Fields of Specialization

1. Sustainable Tourism Advocacy through practical measures.
2. Tourism project Management.
3. Development of Media campaigns.
4. International Networking.
5. Ecotourism Resorts Development

Publications in Tourism field at international forums.

1. Cultural Guide Training Course. A hand book of 165 A-4 pages.
2. Role of Communities in Ecotourism. (Paper was presented at 10th Annual Congress of Ecotourism at Alaska, USA held by Adventure Travel Society United States).
3. Role of Information Technology in Tourism. (Paper read at Hainan Conference China organized by ALTAS). .
4. Save Kalash before it is too late. (Paper published at Mountain Forum On-line library).
5. Sustainable Tourism----A myth or Reality? (Paper read at International Month of Mountains held at PAITHOM in collaboration with Rural Development Society Austria (RDS) Same is published by Mountain Forum and Green Travel Society.
6. Role of Information Technology in sustainable mountain development. (Paper presented at World Mountain Symposium, Interlaken Switzerland).
7. Ecotourism in Pakistan. (Published in Mountain Research and Development (MRD) Berne)
8. Pakistan Tourism---An overall view. (Published in Focus---A London based newsletter.
9. Ecotourism- A sustainable tourism. (Published in Newsletter of Kalahari Tourism management Canada.
10. Ecotourism---a Myth or Reality published in MRD Berne, Switzerland in year 2002.
11. Wrath of Nature at Liverpool University UK (year 2000)
12. Sustainable---Is it possible at national Geographic University of Belfast.
13. Research Tourism---A new concept in developed countries at Mountain Research Forum Europe.

Master in Philosophy (groups development) form Government College Lahore. (1989)

Bachelor degree in Social work (group management) and Psychology (group Psychology) from Government College Lahore. (1986)
Intermediate certificate in Psychology and Philosophy from Government College Lahore. (1984)

Positions hold during last 13 years.
18 years in journalism as Political Correspondent and Travel Journalist working with:

Journalistic Assignments

1. Special Correspondent daily The Frontier Post Islamabad
2. Reporter Al-Jazeera Television Channel (October 2002-October 2003)
3. Producer of Eastern Television News (ETN) Islamabad 1995-97
4. Travel writer of The Nation.
5. Daily The News Lahore 1995-96
6. Daily The Frontier Post 1989-95
7. Daily The Nation during 1988-89
8. Progressive Press International (PPI) during 1986-87

Tourism industry assignments during the last 21 years
Started career as Cultural tourist guide in year 1983.
Joined Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Ministry of Tourism Government of Pakistan as Consultant in April 1997 and worked till Jan.2000.
First Editor of official web site of Government of Pakistan during July 1997 till end of this project which lasted for 7 months.
First Editor of Newsletter of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation during January 1998 to October 1999.
Member of first Commission for Protection of Mountain Environment, Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan 1997-99.
Started project of Ecotourism Society Pakistan in August 1997. Setting up Ecotourism Society Pakistan in July 1998. Became its pioneer President.
Joined Pakistan Austrian Institute for Tourism and Hotel Management (PAITHOM) as Media Consultant on Jan. 2000. Relinquished responsibility on December 15, 2000.
Joined Regional Development Society (RDS) as its Representative of South East Asia on December 16, 2000.
Correspondent of Ecoclub Athens in Pakistan for its Ecoclub Newspaper.

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