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Claudia Langer"Dear Visitor of,
My name is Branislav Bajagic from Belgrade/Serbia and have worked in travel industry since 1984, formerly with JAT the former Yugoslav Airline, now for my own. I am specialized in Village Tourism. Village Tourism in Serbia is perfect manner for to rest and future of tourism. Why? People are tired of living in towns, noises, rush, lot of cars, buildings, stress... Lot of them are trying to find some spot under the sun and travel to seashore.

What to do one who need real rest? He has to find some area where the climate is pleasant some 200 days of year, beautiful nature with numerous mountains, hills, meadows, pastures, brooks, orchards...where people are cordial, where people can find possibilities for the large number of the very interested and useful activities, where food, water and air are unpolluted...

Before you go into the house in front of will wait for you your host and
welcome you like the dearest friend on the our traditional way with the
bread, salt, plum brandy and juice. That mean that you can be so free in the
household just like it is your. You can eat when you want, what you want,
where you want and as much as you can.

I do not know what kind of inclinations you have so just want to tell you
what is possible to do: grass mowing, fruit gathering, plum brandy
distillation, domestic animal keeping, preparing food for winter, knitting
sweaters and socks, walking across the hills, bike driving, fishing,
horseback riding... This is not all because you can make visit the old
craftsman and churches in the vicinity, present the local celebrations such
as weddings, fairs, folklore parties, campfire dinners, Trumpet festival in

Village tourism have to be the main attraction but you can, also, visit
Belgrade, make excursions to our famous monasteries, caves, medieval cities,
excavation sites such as pre-history settlement Lepenski vir, Vinca, Roman
towns like Gamzigrad, Romulianum.... We can organize to you few days of
rafting on Tara, Morava and Ibar rivers. It is possible to spend whole
holidays in spa, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, trekking, biking, birds

We have just show you what are possibilities for different holiday and true
rest but you can tailor it according your wish or, much better, tell your
travel agency to do it for you and they will contact us.

Special possibilities - living in one household one months or more where
guest can rent a piece of land and personally raise fruit, vegetable,
chicken, rabbits...

First 100 visitors will get free gala dinner.

Important notice: Such climate and natural conditions that are in our
villages are very good for people with some health problems and handicaps

If you need some more information please contact us.

Sincerely yours

Branislav Bajagic
Village Adventure
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
P. Komune 47
telephone/fax 381 11 692388

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