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Claudia LangerThe Great Game Travel Company Limited

My name is Michael Davis.
I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland and I live in Tajikistan with my wife and two children. I speak Tajiki quite well and Russian very badly.
My involvement with Tajikistan goes back to 1994, when I first visited the country on a trip around Central Asia.
There had been a civil war and the country was in a very poor state socially and economically. Despite the hardship that everyone was facing, I found the Tajik people to be extremely warm and hospitable and even on that first short visit I was invited into several homes. I visited Tajikistan for work in 1997, 1998 and 1999, and it was during this time that the idea for starting a travel company was born. Tajikistan has amazing mountains - from the alpine lakes and valleys of the Fann in the West of the country to the mighty 7,000 m+ peaks of the Pamirs in the East.
Everywhere I went I saw abandoned tour bases - legacy of the tourist business that had evaporated when the war started in 1992.
Now that the war was over, it seemed that something should be done to help this country and its tourism industry get back on its feet. A mountaineer friend of mine, Rick Allen, decided to come on board and together we made plans and started the Great Game Travel Company in 2000.
Our motto is "Tajikistan: 93% Mountains - 100% Adventure" and I think we have had as much adventure running this company as our clientshave when they visit Tajikistan!
It's hard work trying to sell adestination that most people have never heard of, but slowly we have begun to build some recognition. One of the nice things about living here is that every year, it gets a little better. There are more products in the shops, improving quality of electricity and phone lines. Since I moved to Tajikistan in 1999, I have seen new services being offered such as Internet access and mobilephones. It is exciting to feel a part of this country's development at such a crucial point in its history. If you want to know anything about travel and tourism in Tajikistan, I hope you will get in touch.

Michael Davis


Adventure on the Roof of the World: Travel Tajikistan
I created this site to give general information which will be of use toanyone who wishes to travel to Tajikistan, for tourism or any other reason.
The Great Game Travel Company Limited
This is the website for our company, where we provide information aboutour tours and services. We offer trekking, mountaineering and jeeptours and plan to expand into horse and cycle trekking and rafting. Wespecialise in offering customised programmes.

Contact details

I can be contacted in Dushanbe as follows:

TelephoneDirect line: +992 (372) 340493
Mobile: +992 (372) 610411

It is also possible to direct enquiries to our UK office:
Tel. +44(1763) 220049
Address: The Great Game Travel Company Limited
Pushkin 14 DUSHANBE 734095 Tajikistan

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