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This is our main project, focusing travel industry professionals, media, researchers, goverments, educational and other institutions, libraries, business and pleasure travellers, tourists.

The editor and several multilingual assistants are permanentely busy with the updates. Although the site it is currently still under construction with the technicans of WorldInformation Ltd. the beta-version is already available by the final domain

Currently more than 100.000 entries within 330 countries and territories are listed and organized by following categories:

1. Government Tourism Agencies

(ministries of tourism, departments of tourism, national tourist boards, national tour operators, national tourist information offices)

2. Tourism Schools & Institutes

(programs at universities, government and private organizations, documentation centers, hotel schools etc.)

3. Travel Associations & Services

(tourism associations, travel agents' associations, hotel & restaurant associations, tour operator associations, important incoming tour operators, farm holiday associations, b & b associations, hotel chains, central hotel reservation services, youth hostel associations, travel trade & consumer fairs, etc.)

4. Transport

(national airlines, airline reservation offices abroad, railways, automobile associations, touring clubs, ferry services)

5. Outdoor & Recreational Activities

(parks & wildlife authorities, mapping services, tourism related sports associations of mountaineering, hiking, trekking, hang-gliding, camping, cycling, hunting, fishing, wintersports, skiing, swimming, surfing, canoeing, sailing, diving, golf, tennis, etc.)

6. Publications & Information Sources

(travel magazines/newspapers for the travel trade and the consumer, important newspapers/magazines with travel sections, foreign language newspapers/magazines, ministries of information or government information services, national news agencies, main export book stores or specialized travel book stores or travel book publishers, travel writers' association.)

7. Immigration & Foreign Affairs

(ministries of foreign affairs, immigration authorities, customs authorities)

8. Chambers of Commerce

(national chambers of commerce & industry, some important regional and local ones; especialy in the USA the local chambers of commerce are responsible for tourism promotion)

9. Regional & Local Tourist Information Offices

(regional tourism boards, branches of the national tourism authorities, local and municipal tourist information offices or tourism associations, spa administrations)

10. Miscellaneous Information Offices

(general business, foreign trade and investment authorities, cultural organizations and associations)

11. Information Offices Abroad

(national tourist offices abroad, specialized tour operators, friendship associations, cultural associations, scientific organizations etc.)

12. Embassies/Consulates

(embassies, general consulates, consulates, some honorary consulates and trade missions, government representatives, permanent missions to the United Nations Organizations).

For more information about the content, please consult ( the introduction. Beside of the comprehensive directory there is also a visitors guide, country profile, country map and a listing of key facts per country. This information is not provided by Burkhard Herbote,, but with the editorial team of WorldInformation Ltd. To advertise with WTTO or to license the content, please contact Mr Anthony Axon, WorldInformation Ltd., by

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